MADEMOISELLE JULES - All Eyes on me necklace

$260.00 CAD

FWP necklace & multicolored evil eye


RED: passion, vitality, energy
ORANGE: creativity, playfulness, enthusiasm
YELLOW: optimism, happiness and pleasure
GREEN: abundance, healing, growth
BLUE: peace, trust, patience
PINK: love, compassion, gentleness
WHITE: innocence, cleanliness, self-reflection.
Beads symbolize wisdom, clarity, purity and serenity.

  • Necklace: FWP & acrylic beads, 3-micron gold clasp.
  • Please note that no two necklaces are identical in color and pattern.
  • To keep the jewelry in good condition, avoid direct contact with water, perfumes and creams/lotions. Keep the jewelry in its original pouch when not in use.
  • Approximate measurement: 16'' with 2'' extension chain.