Since her childhood, Virginie has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. As a young adult, living and working between Montreal and Paris, she developed a taste for fashion through the many trendy boutiques that abound in these cities. Moving to the North Shore a few years later, Virginie found herself far from the boutiques she loved to frequent and realized that there was a distinct lack of women's fashion options on the market. Her entrepreneurial side took over and Walk-In Boutique was created in 2006.

Virginie is strongly influenced by the casual California trend that combines light fabrics and bright colors. While the professional look has no secrets for her, she likes to dare and create versatile styles that can be easily adapted to different occasions. For Virginie, Walk-In Boutique is a colorful and warm place where you can find unique key pieces that will last you for years.


Stylist and Buyer

With a passion for all things beautiful, trendy and unique, whether it be art, food or design, it's no surprise that Annie chose a career in fashion! Having developed a keen eye for texture and fit as a high-end European clothing representative and stylist, she believes that a look can be completely transformed by the addition of a simple detail such as lifting a collar, tucking in a corner of a sweater, or rolling up a sleeve to compliment your style and give it a whole new dimension. Annie invites you to step out of your comfort zone by offering you a personalized and complete guidance in order to help you make the best choices.


Stylist and Visual Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and a background as a stylist, Mylène has a soft spot for trendy clothes that don't skimp on comfort. She firmly believes that every figure can be enhanced and styled, you just have to choose the right garment and trust the precious advice of your favorite stylist! She is passionate about color and will suggest colors that will make you feel beautiful. After a few appointments with Mylène, you'll adopt her enthusiasm and pleasure in finding you her favorites of the moment again and again.


Stylist and Marketing Project Manager

A model and fashion enthusiast since she was young, it was the freedom of expression that inspired Alexane to pursue a career in this field. Having completed her BAC in communications and her Master's degree in marketing, it is only natural that she lends herself to content creation and marketing and web management. Calling fashion her playground, Alexane mixes and matches styles to create a look that suits her personality and mood. No matter what style she adopts, she always stands out with pieces that are daring in their cut, their pattern or their unique detail. A fan of originality and not often a minimalist, she likes to be surprised by the audacity of designers and have fun creating exclusive looks for each of us!



Loving to escape into the creativity that fashion offers, Almé stands out with her bohemian and eclectic style. According to her, with its many possibilities, fashion is fluid and allows us to reinvent ourselves every day. She takes pleasure in showing different facets of her personality through her carefully chosen clothes. Almé will help you step out of your comfort zone and try on new items that will bring out a side of you that you may have forgotten until now. It's never too late to dare!